Blockchain technology invades our everyday life at a very rapid pace. Applications of such technology allowed us to create enormous potential developments in production and crypto industries as well as at the governmental level. 

Blockchain allows us to create vast data base that is being stored on multiple computers simultaneously. Every single second there is a new digital block being produced.

Every block contains an ordered group of records or transactions produced recently. It also contains a caption.

The technology can be described as a big file-cabinet, huge secure archive, where information recorded once is kept unchanged forever. This helps to create reliable data.
History of crypto currency creation

The methods of payment for goods and services provided by the modern banks can be considered outdated.Constant queueing in banks, waiting time for the information processing, purchase and transfer of monetary resources. All of these requires a lot of time and money (inefficient allocation of resources).That was the reason for the group of enthusiasts to create decentralised system based on the blockchain technology for sorting and ordering multiple processes and minimize the waiting time and the processing time.Crypto Token KZCoin was established using the smart contract ERC20 Etherium. Crypto Token will be an instantaneous mean of payment on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan as well as outside.The new Crypto Token will afford to transfer payments instantaneously.There will be developed a mobile application called KZCoinex+ that allows to conduct payments in KZCoins.Intercity and even International transfers will be available at any place and time at the minimum transaction fees. Crypto terminals in stores and supermarkets for a quick top up of your wallet.Crypto exchange points, including virtual(online) ones, for the exchange of crypto currency into fiat money. All the transactions will be recorded into blockchain and remain unchanged forever.Business processes based on blockchain technology allow to unite entrepreneurs from all regions of Kazakhstan as well as the whole world.The team of KZCoin consists of highly qualified professionals in the field of financial markets with the experience of at least 8 years.Programmers, Banking Consultants, Lawyers and professional PR-team.The mission of KZCoin is to allow every citizen of Republic of Kazakhstan to legally purchase any good or service via KZCoin.KZCoin crypto currency is also an ideal investment tool. Every coin will be at 30% supported by GOLD.Moreover, we will invest in the real sector of economy by supporting start-ups. Given this, some goods and services will be allowed for purchase in KZCoin.Establishment of the Joint Stock Company will help us to release our shares, as well as to become a sterling Crypto Bank.Our team of KZCoin is obliged to act according to the legal jurisdiction of the country it is registered in.